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The Front Snap Kick

Updated: Jan 31

The Front Snap Kick is a finesse kick. It’s a well-placed kick to a vital target. Although this kick does have power it is more about the placement and quickness of the kick. The kick’s primary target is the body, but it can also be used to attack the chin. In a street defense situation, the kick can be thrown to the groin as well as the knee.

Key Points

  • Lead with the hips then the knee comes up and points at the target. The knee is your sight, wherever your knee is pointed your kick goes.

  • Release the knee kicking out and snapping back the lower leg striking with the ball of the foot (toes back, foot locked down)

    • Can be thrown to the groin with the top of the foot

    • Can be thrown to the hip or thigh with bottom or heel of foot

  • This kick uses a hard chamber lifting the knee first rather than a soft chamber which typically involves leading with the foot first.

  • Do not lock the leg completely out; go as far as possible before complete lock out

    • This can damage the knee

  • This is primarily and Angle 9 Attack but can also be Angle 7

Common Mistakes

  • Not performing the technique as stated above

  • Not pulling the kick back to it’s chamber point

  • Letting your foot drop to the ground rather than placing it on the ground

  • Not locking the foot down or pulling the toes back

  • Dropping your hands

  • Thinking power rather than speed and finesse

NOTE: This is how the Front Snap Kick is performed in the Mugen Martial Arts System. Other styles or systems may throw it differently.

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