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The Cross

Updated: Jan 31

A cross is thrown from outside range off the back foot. Like any other technique, it requires relaxation and timing. It starts with the pivot which gets the legs and hips involved and finishes with the returning of the fist back to the guard. Below are some key points to remember when throwing the cross as well as some common mistakes.

Key Points

  • Pivot on the rear foot - your heel will be off the floor, you will be on the ball of your foot and your foot will be straight ahead

  • Release the rear shoulder – this adds to the length of the punch which adds to the power

  • Keep the elbow down

  • Straight out and back, do not loop the punch

  • Turn the fist over at the point of contact

  • Strike the target with the front two knuckles (the index and middle finger)

  • Make sure your are “sitting down” on the punch - a proper pivot will drop your weight down

  • Sixty percent of your weight should be on the front foot at the point of contact (***Steel Rod over the front knee)

  • Keep your chin tucked and lead hand up

Common Mistakes

  • Not performing any of the key points listed above

  • Pivoting and coming up on the toes rather than the ball of the foot

  • Letting your elbow wing out

  • Locking the elbow out

CUT CROSS - Thrown the same way except you strike the target with a VERTICAL Fist

*** Steel Rod Concept will be discussed in a later blog

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