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Power of One
Self-Defense Series


Power of One says it all.  Learn to protect yourself, and your loved ones, with techniques that are developed specifically for street defense.  Coach Porter has developed this program over his 40+ years of training and coaching.  Having trained many law enforcement and military personnel, the Power of One Self-Defense Series has evolved into a very effective, functional system of self-protection.  Knowing a one-day or weekend self-defense program is inadequate and non-practical, this series is set up over the course of four, eight-week programs. Practicing and perfecting functional techniques each week will help make the techniques instinctive to the participant, making it usable in a high-stress environment like personal protection.  In the case it is needed, and in today’s environment that potential need is increasing, a person needs to be able to call upon their self-defense tools quickly and effectively in a stressful situation.  This self-defense series will equip the individual to do just that.

Each Series in the program will focus on a specific aspect of self-defense.  Each series is offered once a year and can be taken in ANY order and can be taken repeatedly. 

Series 1: Striking and Defense (January 15 – March 4)

  • Situational Awareness, Verbal De-escalation, Footwork, Gap Control, Blocking/Parrying, Striking, Scenario Training

Series 2: Standing Grappling Defense (March 11 – April 29)

  • Defense against Grabs, Chokes, Bearhugs, Headlocks, Charging Attacks.  Breakfalls, Scenario Training

Series 3: Ground Grappling Defense (May 6 – July 1)

  • Positional Defense and Escapes, Chokes and Locks, Scenario Training

Series 4: Weapons Defense (July 15 – September 16)

  • Energy Drills, Stick Work, Split Range.  Bat, Stick, Knife, Gun Defense.  Scenario Training

To continue perfecting your effectiveness, a self-defense class will be added to the Mugen Martial Arts schedule.  If certification in the Power of One Self-Defense System is something you desire, that can be achieved during future testing opportunities.

AGE 13+


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