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Mighty Dragons (Age 5-12)

Students are separated by age to allow for more age-specific classes (Little Dragons 5-8; Mighty Dragons 9-12). Youth-specific classes allow the student to perform to their greatest potential in an environment that focuses specifically on the needs of our youth. Combining traditional martial arts concepts, modern kickboxing techniques, and character awareness education to enrich the minds and bodies of the participating students.


Through proven training methods, students will lose weight, strengthen their minds, and tone their bodies. Combining a fun, calorie-burning, body-toning fitness system with a safe environment! Our primary goal is to help students make a positive change in their lives by increasing their health and fitness levels. This training is the same pre-competition conditioning that is used for Kickboxing and MMA competitors.  Classes are built around timed rounds, allowing each student to push their own pace. Students will be instructed on proper kickboxing and boxing techniques, as well as many types of cutting-edge fitness training techniques. 

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mugen kickboxing

Combining aspects of Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, and various martial arts to form a complete striking system. Students learn five ranges of martial arts. Kicking, punching, trapping, standing grappling, and split range.  Get in shape, learn self-protection, and the science of Kickboxing in a fun controlled, safe environment.

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Submission Grappling - BJJ

Submission Grappling is a No-Gi form of wrestling. Combining the best aspects of folkstyle wrestling with various submissions in a safe, controlled environment. By learning various takedowns, throws, and positional dominance along with submissions, students will become very comfortable with both standing and ground grappling. 

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a Gi form of grappling. Students will focus on the ground aspect of grappling learning positional dominance and a variety submissions

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Using techniques that are developed specifically for street-defense this is a phenomenal program for anyone. Learn from the same coach that has trained many law enforcement and military personnel.  Combining aspects of Aiki-jitsu, Wing Chun, Kali, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing and many other forms of Martial Arts.  Learn the Science of Self-protection.

mugen mma

Mugen MMA is rooted in boxing, kickboxing, submission wrestling, BJJ, and judo, and provides elements from other effective systems. Students learn six ranges of martial arts. Kicking, punching, trapping, standing grappling, split range, and ground grappling and striking. MMA is a great way to burn calories and learn self-protection in a safe and controlled training environment.

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Boxing combines traditional boxing with aspects of Thai Boxing and "Dirty Boxing."  Learn "The Sweet Science" in a fun, safe environment.

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